courir les rues, quai du chantier - 2003


Attempt to define your work with words is maybe the most difficult thing to do. However, trying to define what you see is probably even harder. Le journal d'un usager de l'espace is a sentence I kept in mind when I was reading the book Espèces d'Espaces from the French author George Perec. Perec's book deals with our perception of everyday life, and does so by taking us from our microcosm to our macrocosm. Considering our culture, questioning our cultural conditioning and the way we perceive things, finally realizing that maybe we are the victims of our own cultural conditioning.

For an usager de l'espace is surely living in a house, a building, a neigbourhood, a city, a country ... I am a user of space and I feel its limits. During his walk, his trip, his moving through space, the user has to face different questions. Are we living in our speed of life instead of our house? What does our architecture mean today? People are building their own theatre, their own world. Can we define our neigbourhood as a kind of decor? Can we organise our life the way we organise our garden? We believe in images, because people taught us to believe in them. But is an image evidence of believing or is it just something we like or don't like to see? The image bank is growing every day, more than 24 images/sec. And the artist, he or she, is continually producing even more of them...

Mira Sanders, 2005