2019 - a voyage into the moon chapter 2

Vinyl record 

A Voyage into the Moon - chapter 2: Overture, 2019

This vinyl record is the second chapter of A Voyage into the Moon, a collaboration between the artists Cédric Noël and Mira Sanders. Since their journey in Japan in summer 2017, Sanders and Noël developed a science fiction inspired by their observations and historical/actual underworld situations. Literally referencing to the in classical music often used notion of the overture, Noël’s and Sanders’ A Voyage into the Moon – chapter 2: Overture consists largely of field recordings they made in summer 2017 in Japan. Instead of just juxtaposing sound fields, they composed "a sound(scape) travelling". This is mixed with a Japanese narrated science-fiction story. One side of the record scores a soundscape that traces the navigation of the protagonist from her home to the launch of her space shuttle. It is followed by a second part whereby we hear the protagonist telling about her travelling. The cover of the vinyl record suggests a (moon)landscape. The inner sleeve gives the English translation of the Japanese text and the colophon.

Credits vinyl record:
Mira Sanders & Cédric Noël A Voyage into the Moon – chapter 2: Overture
Format: 12”
Duration: 00:18:11
Voice: Miyao Mari
Sound mixing: Maxime Coton
Translations: Yannick Cadiou, Miyao Mari, Bureau Doove
Publisher: Sound By Visual
SBV004LP - 2019

Thanks to Stephan Balleux, ARGOS and Flanders State of the Arts