2022 - bucharest 8 march 2022

Bucharest 8 March 2022
by Mira Sanders

In the video ‘Bucharest 8 March 2022’ we listen to a voice message that shares city experiences and impressions from a walk in Bucharest city centre. Throughout the message, we understand that it is the first time that the narrator has been there. She is affected by urban behaviors, conditions, (hi)stories, textures, patterns and relates these perceptions in critical reflections on our today common use of web mapping platforms when encountering a city. The camera, in juxtaposition with the spoken message, navigates in a drawn-collaged city map of Bucharest. The inverted map is blended and layered with contour lines that conceals fragments of architectural and urban situations. Slowlythese navigations and perceptions reflect a stratified Bucharest on 8 March 2022, framed in a personalized google-map-look-alike interface.

video, English spoken & sound, 00:08:49, 2022

Production Mira Sanders

This movie was realised in the context of Micronarratives and the City, a conversation and seminar with Alina Cristea and Ileana Marin at the University of Bucharest Faculty of Letters, 20.04.2022

With the support of LUCA School of Arts

Research Unit Intermedia / Photography Expanded

Associatie KU Leuven