2020 - eden studies

Eden Studies

Eden Studies brings together science, visual arts and architecture to explore the relationship between ecosystems and artificial life. The Hotel Eden, neighbour to the Blue Brain and Human Brain projects (co-funded by the European Commission) in Geneva, serves as an observatory to examine the creation and mapping of a synthetic human brain. The documents, sounds and images resulting from this research are gathered in a dynamic generative archive.

Project by Cédric Noël, Mira Sanders, Joachim Olender, Laure Cottin Stefanelli, Anaïs Chabeur, Pauline Hatzigeorgiou, FieldStation Studio | www.astrocytestudio.com | Supported by FNRS-FRArt and the Commission Consultative des Arts Numériques et Technologiques de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

The project Eden Studies is part of Risquons-Tout, section Open School, 12.09.2020-10.01.2021.

The section Open School addresses the key issues of the exhibition through a platform for knowledge transmission and for the redistribution of speech. It unfolds as a critical terrain beyond agreed modes of representation and discursive specialisms.With CLEA Open School, Eden Studies and Intersections of Care.

Image left: Tagging Reflections on a Scenography Eden Studies, Mira Sanders, 2020

Image left under: Wandering along articulated figurines, a whale mask and rare snuffboxes in stained and carved wood (drawing part), Mira Sanders, 2020

Photo reproduction: Griet Dekoninck

Images right: Installation views Eden Studies at section Open School, Risquons-Tout. Photo: Laure Cottin Steffanelli