2007 - lexique encyclopédique
Lexique Encyclopédique
Lexique Encyclopédique

Lexique Encyclopédique, presentation in two phases in the exhibition MULTIPLIER - 2007

Lexique Encyclopédique in the exhibition MULTIPLIER

Group exhibition on the notion of change and collaboration, influenced by Deleuzes 'Le pli' and the creative potential of the fold.

Participating artists: Peter Hulsmans, Heidi Voet, Nathalie Hunter, Mira Sanders, Benoit Platéus, Sophie Nys, Harrisson, Emmanuelle Villard, Edith Dekyndt, Nurse, Jimena Kato Murakami, Elke Boon, Pieter Vermeersch.

The title multi/plier is a layered word that can be read in two languages: as the French verb 'multiplier', but also as the English noun '(a) multiplier'. In both cases it is an 'active' word that expresses multiplication. In French it also points to 'folding' or the 'fold'.

The exhibition has two important points of departure. For one the artists in 'multi/plier' are mostly young Belgian or in Belgium residing artists. With some of them I worked before, with others I already wanted to work for a long time. Two artists were chosen from the galleries list.
In their work this group of artists is not only interested in the multidisciplinary and/or layered ness or modes of change, but also in the collective and collaboration. The exhibition consisted of two parts. Slight changes in the setup were made for the second part - some pieces were completely altered, others stayed the same.

Curator Edith Doove

Gallery Les Filles du Calvaire, Brussels

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