2012 - la chambre de tania

la chambre de tania - 2013


in collaboration with French artist Cédric Noël

La Chambre de Tania is a meeting between two artworks. It carefully interweaves collages by Mira Sanders with a science fiction story by Cédric Noël. Both artists share similar interests: architecture, psychology, engineering, painting and drawing. Sanders draws new lines of flight along and around the surface of photographic images taken from do-it-yourself magazines from the sixties. Figures and hands of makers assemble and disassemble things. Are they professional or hobbyists?

This work using the machinery of the imagination reveals gestures and their potential. Noël writes about the 'imago' and creates a tension between the concept of a perfect form and an ideal representation. The story consists of a series of clashes in a world which is managed by the Arantèle - a place where people dress in the suits of symbiotic plants or insects.

This edition is the fifth by Posture Editions – a series of artists' publications. For each issue a different artist is invited to organise his/her work as a sort of printed exhibition.

64 pages, black | white, 21 x 30cm, French | Dutch, ISBN 978 94 9126 205 0, € 10.00

original works: ajusteurs-monteurs, collage and assemblage on cardboard, white ink, magazine copies, 50 x 40 cm, 2012