2009 - the journey

the journey (excerpt) - 2009


’The Journey’ is a hand-held camera shot of a giant cardboard model, consisting of images that refer to travelling. While some parts of the model move while filming, the camera itself slowly recedes, finally resulting in a frontal view of the whole model. The video was presented during Contour 2009 in Mechelen (BE), together with a book of drawings containing views of the world, coinciding with views out of the buildings present in the model and offering views of tourist sites. A citation of the title of a catalogue of the Charles Urban Trading Company in 1903 functioned as a central slogan: ’’We put the world before you by means of the bioscope.’’ In the way the model is constructed, the artist refers to old viewing boxes as well as to pre-cinema techniques. By focussing on the representation of travelling throughout different ages in painting and photography, she highlights the role of perspective in this. Hand-held shooting intensifies the idea of travelling.

Co-produced and first shown at Contour - 4th Biennial of Moving Image 'Hidden In Remembrance Is The Silent Memory Of Our Future’, 2009 (BE) curated by Katerina Gregos - http://www.contour2009.be/en/home/

Video, b&w, silent, 00:05:14, 2009

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research work the journey (excerpts)