2018 - la théorie des objets


3 x tableaux, inkjetprint on Omega paper, (100 x 140 cm), 2018

14 x drawings, aquarel on fabriano paper, (27, x 18 cm), 2018

"This project that I would present is a study / observation on the one hand of the book ''La théorie des Objets' of Abraham A. Moles (1972) and on the other hand the objects (more trivial than spectacular) that I observed at Lycée Molière during our first visit. Through the drawings I create an attempt to understand the theory of Moles and to project this study - 'anatomical' - on objects perceived in a place.

You will see the watercolors more closely next week. I trace in the drawings words and sentences of Moles as a kind of poetical measurement. Or sometimes I just use numbers to enumerate 'points'. La Théorie des Objets project is a reflection on the idea of 'object-message-mass communication' and on the (anatomical) drawing as signifier (or not ...). "

Message to Emilie Terlinden & Charlotte Flamand, Mira Sanders,26.03.2018

On view at the exhibition Nothing Like A Little Levity at Molière Project 4th edition.

Opening: Wednesday 18.04.2018 from 6 > 10pm

Exhibition: Friday to Sunday 20 > 22.04.18 from 10 am > 5 pm

address: 22 Franklin Roosevelt Avenue, 1050 Brussels

With contributions by Thomas Amerlynck, Stephan Balleux, Gauthier Hubert, Cédric Noël, Gudny Rosa Ingimarsdottir, Mira Sanders & Christophe Terlinden

Curated by Emilie Terlinden & Charlotte Flamand